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8806 PYJAMA BLUE with WHITE piping 100% COTTON Seersucker Medium-Stripes

8806 PYJAMA BLUE-White

Eugène Le Moult had our original PYJAMA made to sleep in his tent in the Amazonian jungle. He'd be here hunting butterflies with the aid of convicts, both revolutionaries and cut-throats; we found the PYJAMA in the wardrobe of dad's grand-dad, the WORLDS's №1 butterfly hunter

STYLE : the expansive clothing collection of the adventurer E. Le Moult; the original cuts, in contemporary fabrics.

FABRIC : 100%ᴾᵁᴿᴱ  Southern-Indian COTTON
• from fields SUSTAINABLY growing cotton for the Roman Empire since 35AD
• woven as Seersucker in nearby villages to P.Le Moult designs
• sewn up the coast in cosmopolitan Bombay
• in the workshop of close friends that our family has been producing with since the early 1970s
: you can also buy this at 357 : CHEZ DÉDÉ

TAGS:nights on the ocean liner to the jungle

8806 PYJAMA BLUE-White

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