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8598 SHIRT NAVY with NAVY piping 100% COTTON Herringbone-light piece-dyed

Eugène Le Moult had our original SHIRT made for his « cabinet », which housed the world's largest private collection of butterflies; we found the SHIRT in the wardrobe of dad's grand-dad, the WORLDS's №1 butterfly hunter

STYLE : the Collector : three years after moving back to Paris, E.Le Moult had the fourth largest collection of butterflies in the world, after those in museums in Washington and London.

FABRIC : 100%ᴾᵁᴿᴱ  Southern-Indian COTTON
• from fields SUSTAINABLY growing cotton for the Roman Empire since 35AD
• woven as Herringbone-light in nearby villages to P.Le Moult designs
• sewn up the coast in cosmopolitan Bombay
• in the workshop of close friends that our family has been producing with since the early 1970s

TAGS:Aristocratic 1950s contemporary

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