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People think that hunting butterlies is a symbol of cute nonchalance. In fact it's a sport, and even one of the hardest. In France this would mean constant walking, climbing, sprinting or long distance running. In the tropics, it's the same thing, plus the threat of wild beasts.

E.Le Moult in Paris Match N°314 2nd April 1955

十九世紀中葉から今世紀初頭の博物学 の黄金期はまた、 昆虫蒐集が最も盛行 した時代でぁったー。 昆虫の宝庫・南米での採集活動に全てを賭け、 標本商として不動の名声を手にしたル . ム ールトの生涯を辿り、 彼とその時代に新たな光を当てた、 著者渾身の評伝。著者所蔵の標本をヵラーで多数収録。

捕虫網の円光―標本商ル・ムールトとその時代 (中公文庫)

This is how Eugène, in pursuit of a big "Ornithoptera", experiences the strongest feelings in his life...

TINTIN MAGAZINE: №396 24 May 1956 « The Ephemeral Carousel » (4 pages on the life of Eugène Le Moult)

A graduate of both Central Saint Martins and the head of Alumni at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Praline Le Moult inherited the expansive clothing collection of the world's N°1 butterfly-hunter, and is using the original cuts to create a range of unisex sports⸱loungewear in contemporary fabrics