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This shop unites two families and two legacies under one roof. Located in Vienna's central district, it broke convention with its modernist all-black design when it opened as a purveyor of silk in the 1960s amid a sea of sandstone façades.

When Harri Cherkoori took over from his father with his wife Praline Le Moult, they transformed the shop into a men's and womenswear destination that carries their own line as well as young local designers. “It was the perfect family mix: we are in my father's shop offering our line inspired by Praline's greatgrandfather," says Cherkoori of their clothing line P Le Moult, which reproduces the original clothes of the famed naturalist, Eugène Le Moult, who boasted the largest private butterfly collection in the world.

The French-style and Indian-woven pyjamas and loungewear are laid out on custom-made shelves originally devised to display butterflies. “It is part of our heritage to explore fashion and retail from an adventurous and theatrical perspective," says Cherkoori, noting that the shop also has a cultural space which puts on exhibitions and other events aimed at bringing people together.

2 Strobelgasse, 1010 +43 (0)1 512 5196


In numbers

1966 founded

2018 rebranded and reopened

7 staff

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