We adapt the shapes inherited from DAD'S ADVENTURER GRANDPA, son of France's pioneering 19th Century ORGANIC FARMER.

Eugène Le Moult : a four-page graphic short story on his adventures in Tintin Magazine of 24 May 1956.Eugène Le Moult : a four-page graphic short story on his adventures in TINTIN of 24 May 1956.

P.Le Moult preserves heritage through sustainable practices. We adapt the original designs from dad's granddad, using the original weaves sourced from the original cotton fields in developed Southern India, the origin point of the paijama. This makes our clothes biodegradable¹. Emphasizing local craftsmanship, we support the original artisans' descendants and keep production in one region to minimize transport...

¹ 100%  cotton  and  mother-of-pearl  buttons,  we're  just  pragmatically  using  robust  nylon  thread  for  seams...




Léopold Le Moult, graduate of the French Royal School of Bridges and Roads, was one of only the 19th Century’s two researchers in France on ORGANIC AGRICULTURE. With the 1880s' rise in the popularity of chemical insecticides, the acceptance of his organic methods declined. To finance further research, Léopold Le Moult then signed a decade-long contract to develop the roads in the jungles of DEVIL’S ISLAND, still in use by the EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY  🚀

  Article  from 1st  January  2021, French  Academy  of  Agriculture

field tests of « La Lemoultine » an organic pesticide



French Guiana, the South-American prefecture of France, was called Devil’s Island because it has DIVERSE and DANGEROUS WILDLIFE included formidable snakes like the Bushmaster and Fer-de-lance, poisonous Goliath Birdeater Tarantulas and Amazonian Black Scorpions, stealthy jaguars in the forests, and menacing Black Caiman in its waterways. The coastal waters are also home to man-eating Bull Sharks and Tiger Sharks

Eugène Le Moult (31 December 1882, Quimper – 26 January 1967, Paris) was a French adventurer : four-page graphic short story on his adventures in Tintin of 24 May 1956.



EUGÈNE  LE MOULT 1882-1965

Raised on Devil’s Island, Eugène Le Moult became a WEALTHY ADVENTURER as the world’s most prominent butterfly-hunter and the region's sole butterfly exporter, contributing significantly to entomology, and popularising the blue Morpho (as still used by Apple for its emoji). His attire, PRACTICAL and DURABLE, was tailored for him for both HOT and HUMID tropical expeditions and 28-day ICY and WINDY North Atlantic crossings, ensuring functionality and comfort in diverse conditions, whilst still adhering to the 1920s FORMAL etiquette for travel attire...

Eugène Le Moult in Paris Match no.314 2nd April 19556 pages on Eugène Le Moult in PARIS MATCH no.314 2nd April 1955